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Harris County MUD No. 368 has taken a proactive position since 1998 to provide standby generator equipment for operating our water and wastewater plants during any power outage.

In the event of a hurricane or other weather-related disaster, your District should be able to continue to serve all of our customers with full water and wastewater services.  In the unlikely event that our facilities become damaged where continued operation is not possible or safe, your water district will communicate to you through the following sources:

  • Posting of boil water notices on signs at the entrance of all neighborhoods
  • News postings on area television and radio stations
  • The Districtís web page as soon as possible
  • Our Precinct 4 Constables

As a precaution before a hurricane makes landfall, you should do the following:

  • Pack emergency food and prescriptions into plastic boxes that can be easily carried in the event you must relocate.
  • Have a first aid kit, radio and flashlight with spare batteries.
  • Ensure that cell phones are fully charged and place cell phone chargers in your plastic storage boxes.
  • Purchase and store plastic or vinyl tarp for temporary repair of roof or window damage.
  • Have a camera to record pre storm conditions of your home and post storm damage. You should also have personal phone numbers of your relatives, insurance agent, etc.
  • Pick up any loose items and store them in your home or garage.  Loose items can become deadly projectiles in hurricane force winds.  Help your neighbors secure their property.
  • Keep and install plywood over your windows or apply heavy tape across the major areas of the glass to prevent shattering.
  • Clean out containers and store drinking water for your family for several days allowing 2 gallons per person per day.
  • Clean out and store water in your bathtubs to use for flushing your toilets.  It usually takes about a gallon of water poured into the bowl to evacuate it after use.

If you or your family decides to go outside, be careful and watch out for poisonous snakes and downed electrical wires.  Do not try to touch or move downed wires as they may still be energized and can cause severe shock or death.

Additional storm-related information and checklists can be found at the following website.


Roy P. Lackey
Harris County MUD 368

Harris County Municipal Utility District (MUD) 368 -- originally known as Three Lakes MUD No. 1 -- was created by order of the Texas Water Rights Commission (currently the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality - TCEQ) on December 13, 1973, to provide water and wastewater services to residents. Since that time, the District has added garbage collection, recycling and Harris County Precinct 4 Constable security services.

Harris County MUD #368 is managed by five elected Directors and is presently composed of nine subdivisions in various states of development: Three Lakes, Three Lakes East, Pinecrest Forest, Northpointe East, Willow Falls, StonePine, Northern Point, Ashford Place, and Ashford Grove. The total number of connections served are over 3,300.

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For any Resident who has an alarm system.

Please, contact your alarm company and advise them our neighborhoods have a security contract with Harris County Constable Precinct 4. In the event of an emergency at your home the phone number your alarm company needs to call is 281-376-2472. It has come to our attention that some alarm companies are calling Tomball and they will not respond.

A friendly reminder.

All of the Detention Ponds throughout the District can be used to exercise in or play in, but by no means are any motorized vehicles of any kind allowed in these areas as the posted signs state. MUD 368 has expended considerable funds to repair prior damage caused by operators of motorized vehicles. The District will prosecute if need be. The reason for this is that we don't want any accidents and we would like to keep our green spaces in good conditions so everyone can enjoy them. The District plans on bringing the detention facilities up to acceptance condition in anticipation of turning over these facilities in the future to Harris County Flood Control District for maintenance. This will remove a large financial responsibility from the District and its customers.

Thank you for your cooperation!



Home Payments Documents History Trash Collection Board of Directors Meeting Details Conservation Contact Links

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